May 6, 2020

A roadmap to creating business value and planning for integration

Are you a company considering acquisition or have recently acquired a company? If you are you know the importance of…

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Strategies to improve efficiencies and provide impact in 30 days

Over the past few weeks leaders have been making hard decisions related to budget cuts and shifting priorities, while managing…

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Strategies to improve your business’s productivity

Many leaders, regardless of their sector, are concerned with managing performance of their remote teams. Significant decline in productivity levels…

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Strategies to improve your business’s continuity plan after Covid-19

Overnight the world shifted towards a digital workforce, some organizations were prepared, and others discovered technology gaps in their business…

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Strategies to minimize security risks for remote employees

With the ever-changing Covid-19 situation, organizations are encouraging employees to work remotely. Remote connectivity comes with a chance of online…

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