Creativity and the cloud.


Cloud-based technologies are increasingly transforming how most businesses operate. This is especially true for the creative media industry where the cloud has created a paradigm shift in business models for marketing agencies and media properties striving to meet the demands of their clients and audiences.

While the technological benefits of leveraging the cloud are clear, these solutions can come with a significant (and sometimes unexpected) price tag. An organization lacking the skills or resources to effectively monitor and optimize their cloud environment can quickly find costs spinning out of control. Today, a common challenge many companies face is that they simply don’t know if they are overpaying for the solutions and services they have implemented.

Balancing the critical importance of a robust cloud solution and remaining competitive while controlling costs is not out of reach. Recently, ScriptString was able to help one of our media clients realize significant cost savings while preparing them for a scalable future:

The Challenge

St. Joseph Communications (SJC) required laser focus after exponential growth through acquisition when the digital assets of many of Canada’s most storied magazine brands (Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, FLARE and Canadian Business) were rolled into the SJC portfolio. SJC needed to scale content delivery to address the demands of their growing online audience while controlling costs.

The Solution

ScriptString delivered SJC a solution using our 4-step Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Optimization Framework. The outcome included a comprehensive AWS cost assessment enabling the team to track and predict cloud spending and future infrastructure demands.

The Results

  • >25% savings of total AWS cloud spend within the first 60 days.
  • Simplified reporting with budget and forecasting models to predict cloud spend.
  • Prepared for scalable growth by driving efficiency through technology.

If you are a media or a creative agency and want to explore how you can achieve similar results, get in touch today for a complimentary, Risk-Free cloud optimization assessment.

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