Cyber Security—Threat or Opportunity?


Are you feeling like your business has lost some of its mojo in these uncertain times? Now is the time to review how to make your organization’s security posture a competitive edge.

As many organizations slip into operational issue stop-gap mode, the focus on critically important pieces of their business may be lost in the haze.

Cyber security is one of the key priorities that demands consistent and constant attention as bad actors are primed to take advantage of opportunities brought on by the crisis mindset. The wolves ARE at the gate.

At ScriptString we want to help you mitigate your cyber security risk while helping to maximize the opportunity that this threat presents. If you happen to be in insurance or consulting, you can help your clients now by offering them a turn-key cyber security partner solution.

How to offer your clients a cyber security solution that protects them?

When it comes to the insurance sector, an excellent way to gain competitive advantage is by providing your clients with solutions to help protect them in times of flux.

The benefits of focusing on Cyber Security are well documented:

  1. Lowered Commercial Insurance premiums:
    Beyond the benefit of keeping hackers at bay, preserving cash is always attractive.
  2. Protection against catastrophic business interruption:
    As operational cost containment efforts take place and more businesses move to a virtual operational model, those companies may face increased risks to internal control systems failure, fraud and cyber attacks.   Some of examples of these risks include:
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of service
  • Data theft
  • Phishing

Unfortunately, no business is immune to cyber crime and as such, proper investment in cybersecurity and partnering with the right technology partner will continue to be increasingly critical in the coming months.

Technology expert and ScriptString CTO, Warren Gedge, has worked extensively in the insurance sector and highlights that:

 ‘By incorporating a proactive cyber security strategy, organizations can significantly reduce their exposure to risk.  Business Continuity and Brand Protection are areas where Hackers can move quicker than organizations can respond.  A proactive security strategy, tied to contractual, business, brand, social and/or environmental factor, can mitigate these risks.”

Warren Gedge, ScriptString CTO

This is exactly the sweet spot where insurance leaders and consultants can help their clients. Everyone wins—when bad actors lose.

Get in touch with ScriptString today to learn more about our Cyber Security Partner Program and how we can help you offer turn-key solutions to your own clients. 

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