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Partner Program

The ScriptString Partner Network provides an easy way for businesses to generate incremental revenue with the support of our dedicated partner team.

The program provides a flexible way to align with ScriptString and gain an innovation partner, elevate your brand and gain access to AI technologies.

If your digital platform client is looking to improve data outcomes, accelerate customer onboarding, or integrate data, we encourage you to apply for the Partner Program today. 

Bridge the gap between productivity and ScriptString Solutions. 

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Explore Our Partnership Opportunities

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Technology & Strategic ISV Partner

Build an integration with ScriptString.AI via our APIs. Introduce your customers and make 15%. 

Technology partners are a way to collaborate and create disruptive AI technologies. You will get the ability to build quickly with open APIs and integration team. Gain ability to scale and grow faster using proved technology that works. 

  •  Gain technological insight to improve your product value.
  •  Build a flexible alignment with ScriptString to faciliate ongoing referrals. 
  • Co-marketing opportunities and joint go to market strategy. 

Referral Partner

Introduce your customer to ScriptString and earn 10%.

Are your customers evaulating solutions to improve customer experience and scale their business? In the Referral Partner tier, you will receive an email that you can send to your customers and prospects to begin their free demo with ScriptString. 

  • Build credibility by aligning with ScriptString’s innovative AI technology. 
  • Frictionless hands-off onboarding done by ScriptString for you. 
  • Revenue share and gowth.


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Reseller & Implementation Partner

Add ScriptString to your portfolio of expertise. Get trained to sell, onboard and service our customers.

ScriptString.AI is designed to improve outcomes such as increased sales, customer retention, optimize support costs and accelerate customer onboarding. If you’re a Software Reseller or Managed Services Provider looking to expand your portfolio, let’s work together. 

  • Resell ScriptString licenses.
  • ScriptString sourced -10% margin in perpetuity.
  • Joint go-to-market strategy.

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