AI-driven data intelligence platform for data acquisition, aggregation, and normalization.

ScriptString.AI securely provides comprehensive data solutions to manage utility, energy, property, asset, and sustainability data allowing you to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and meet regulatory requirements.

Automate your processes with high-quality data, real-time tracking, and reporting to gain a competitive edge in today’s market in only 6 weeks.

Assess, integrate and measure your business against the leading standards.

Save Money

Integrate, collect, and process data from systems, spreadsheets, invoices, emails, surveys, and websites in any format.


Cut data quality control costs

Save Time

Improve data quality, accuracy, and reduce errors by fixing data upon ingestion using AI-driven data quality checks.


Reduce data collection time

Boost Productivity

Automate, consolidate, and standardize high-quality data with automated workflows to speed up analysis.


Accelerate analysis

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AI-driven Solutions for Sustainability

Connect & Transform

Accelerated ESG Data Collection​

Gather and analyze ESG data and market intelligence from diverse sources, such as company data, corporate reports, suppliers, databases, and websites. Spot trends and patterns in the data and make informed decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

Monitor & Analyze

Faster Analysis, Better Decisions

Empower your team to easily track key performance indicators, measure progress towards impact goals, and get AI-driven recommendations for improvement. Adapt metrics and reporting as goals evolve, empowering positive change in sustainability initiatives.

Report & Disclose

Precision in Compliance, Reinvention in Reporting

Streamline the reporting and compliance process with the power of AI. Meet reporting obligations with ease as AI guides you, notifying you of missing data and changes to regulations. Report to multiple frameworks with ease with assigned workspaces. 24/7 access to our AI Assistant to answer any questions and aid you in compiling your reports. 

Collaborate & Communicate

Collaborative Minds, Collective Success

Bring together stakeholders and contributors to streamline the decision-making process. Multi-level permissioning ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded and data is secure. Access, share and collaborate on data, insights and recommendations with internal teams, external partners, and investors all from one platform.

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