Redefining the Way We Work

Let’s not fool ourselves—things will never be the same. The hybrid model of working, a fusion of remote and in-office elements, is here to stay. Are you and your business ready for the new normal?

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation faster than anyone could have predicted and, ready or not, many of us have been thrown into working remotely. As we move forward and find our footing, it is becoming clear that employees are able to stay productive and thrive, despite this dramatic shift. In fact, many welcome this new way of working as it gives them access to more flexible hours, spending extra time with their loved ones, and working from much more inspiring spaces. Come on, who wouldn’t want to work from beautiful cottage country!

Nonetheless, the accelerating pace of these changes are having a significant impact on the marketplace. Business leaders are realizing, and actively working opportunities to cut down on the need for expensive commercial real estate allowing organizations to re-direct funding to other areas such as marketing, innovation, and new technology.   

Understanding technology and how to deploy it will help companies be future-ready while adapting to new ways of working. Whether you are a business re-thinking your future office space requirements or you own commercial real estate, the time to start your technology journey is now and you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Here are a few tips your business can begin to think about as you start your journey:

  • Take it slow and assess your needs. Think about all the necessary steps for your transformation requirements and adapt slowly to the new norms without getting overwhelmed by the final destination.  
  • Gain insights by analyzing what multiple systems are currently at play when accessing different information. This challenge can be resolved with transformational solutions to provide a comprehensive view that extends across systems to create a seamless and unified digital experience.
  • Be clear on your goals. Companies must be transparent with staff and embrace collaboration across different teams.
  • Maintain control by establishing regular checkpoints. Even with automation, it’s important to continuously manage progress to ensure that your workforce remains engaged and productive while adapting to new digital experiences and ways of working.
  • Seek out an experienced partner. Many organizations, especially in commercial real estate, will need to partner with investors and technology experts to help stabilize and add value to their businesses. This is particularly critical as the new realities of working remotely take hold.

It is a different world, and we are not saying that this technological transformation will be easy.

Get in touch with ScriptString’s technology integration experts now and find out how we can help take you where you want to go. .


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