Product News: Updates and Enhancements for ScriptString.AI

ScriptString is excited to announce a major product update to the ScriptString.AI platform released this week. ScriptString.AI helps to turn everyday customer behaviour into actions, provides AI recommendations, and enables cross-functional teams to deliver a seamless customer experience to drive more value faster. 

We use a relationship-based approach and dynamic modelling to progressively segment customer data at every interaction, producing a consistent flow of AI recommendations. Updates to the product include:

  • Analyze: Dynamic reporting and dashboards for segmentation, cohort analysis, and recommendations
  • Connect: Enhancements to data onboarding and AI-powered intelligent document processing workflows
  • Improvements to UI/UX

“As part of our mission to deliver next-gen data analysis capabilities, we’re always thrilled to provide new features to our users and the Analyze tool is really the centrepiece of this release. Along with our AI-powered data management and document processing tools, users can now generate dynamic reports faster than ever in a no-code environment designed to deliver deep analysis, behavioural insights, and recommendations for impact.” 

– ScriptString’s Head of Product, Sheldon Sawchuck

If you are interested in using ScriptString.AI and would like to learn more, please email us at

About ScriptString: ScriptString is a Toronto-based software company that provides solutions to help organizations accelerate data-driven decisions and experience the value, responsiveness, and predictiveness of their data.


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