Our Sustainability Scorecard Deep Dive

In December 2022 we officially released our ScriptString Sustainability Scorecard. We did so to provide companies, of any size and in any place, a quick and easy way to evaluate their own sustainability.

Since the beginning, we have offered the scorecard free of charge, even though it is valued at $2500. Why? The short answer is that we wanted to provide all businesses with the obtainable opportunity to start their sustainability journey.

Four months later, we thought it was time to deeply dive into our Sustainability Scorecard to share with our network.

Our Sustainability Scorecard – The Backstory

While we do have sustainability advisors on our team, we wanted to provide our network with a tried and trusted tool. In a world flooded with products like ours, we thought we might as well amplify the great work being done instead of starting from scratch.

Our team came across Sustainability Advantage, and their Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool (BSAT). Created by Bob Willard, a sustainability expert who has authored six books on sustainability, and the founder of Sustainability Advantage, we saw the usefulness of the tool.

Automating The Sustainability Scorecard

We used the BSAT tool as a basis and automated it in our ScriptString.AI platform.

Doing so made it so that your team can complete a 60-minute survey, with results delivered in a dashboard right away. You can share these results with your team or network and use them as a baseline for building out sustainability initiatives.

Check out the video below which answers some of the major questions we have gotten about our Sustainability Scorecard.

Sustainability Advising

At ScriptString, we want to help you succeed. That is why, with our free Sustainability Scorecard, you can book a time with Katie, our in-house sustainability associate.

From helping you complete the scorecard to making sense of your results, we are here to help every step of the way!

Your Next Steps

Once you complete your Sustainability Scorecard, the journey doesn’t stop.

Our scorecard is just a baseline, results to help guide your future efforts so your business can improve. You can choose to use the results on your own to do so – or do so with ScriptString.

What can we do to help? Our team can work with you to choose KPIs to monitor, track, and report on. Whether it be choosing a framework you want to work with or devising another plan of attack – we are here to help.

Next, you’ll use our ScriptString.AI software to continuously monitor, track and report. With the power of AI and data management, we will save your team time, money, and help you know where to place your efforts next.

Some of the advantages of using ScriptString.AI’s platform

Sign-up for our scorecard today and book a demo to see how we can help you in your sustainability journey!


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