Evolve your business with ecommerce automation


With consumers increasingly avoiding physical contact and moving online to acquire the daily necessities, businesses are scrambling to introduce the new ‘no touch’ transaction option to their ecommerce operations. While this shift has naturally accelerated the evolution of ecommerce platforms and technologies, customer expectations—a simple, fast, secure and supported path to purchase—remain the same. ScriptString’s Head of product, Sheldon Sawchuk, points out:

“You’re asking people to spend their time and money on your site. If you’re not providing an outstanding customer experience, you’ve already lost. Customer data helps refine your buyer personas so you can deliver a personalized and supportive experience. It can’t be overstated, relevance resonates, and your customers, whether first time visitors or loyal customers, deserve an individualized experience that’s specific to their point in the journey. Understanding your data and talking to your customers are the keys to improving your offering and unlocking your most effective marketing tool—a satisfied customer.”

Sheldon Sawchuk, Head of Product at ScriptString

Exceeding client expectations has always been crucial to success in ecommerce and now, more than ever, it has become the key to surviving — and thriving — in the new normal. Many organizations have weathered Covid-19’s impact by embracing ecommerce automation in an effort to better leverage their data and improve operational efficiencies, enabling them to devote more resources to their customers and brands. Time is the ultimate currency and the automation of cumbersome manual tasks, translates into more opportunities to scale, generate revenue and gain competitive edge.

ScriptString can help assess and enhance your ecommerce operation in record time to improve your customer relationships while ensuring your business is ready to scale. We can help you :

  • Analyze and understand your business and customers in a new light. Our 360 Reporting Dashboard provides access and visibility to data that enables strategic business decision making with confidence and precision.
  • Optimize your ecommerce operations to reduce costs and streamline processes.
  • Meet your business requirements with strategic guidance — from picking the right platform to optimizing your purchase flow.
  • Automate complex operational models to reduce manual processes.

Are you ready to up your ecommerce game? Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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