Get Your Head in the Cloud.


As Covid-19 continues to derail businesses around the world, it has kick-started new investment in technology and innovation. Many organizations have re-prioritized their digital strategy—embracing new solutions to re-invent and future-proof their operations.  

As with any transformative change, this re-invention doesn’t always come cheap and the need for cost management strategies that maximize business value has never been more critical. In reviewing your own cloud strategy, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you believe you are over-paying for your cloud services?
  • Are your cloud services customized to meet your business’s unique needs?
  • When is the last time you reviewed your cloud services and optimized them to meet your evolving needs?

Why review your cloud strategy now?

Demand for AWS cloud optimization services has increased as organizations look for opportunities to improve overall productivity and data security. At ScriptString, we help you understand how AWS cloud optimization supports your business’s success, supporting clients by delivering innovative technology solutions that enable their businesses for years to come. 

To help our clients, ScriptString has built a risk-free 4-step framework which has proven to realize cost savings fast and deliver average savings of 25-50% of your total technology spend. Our approach:

  1. Establish a baseline of your current AWS costs, usage and efficiency.
  2. Undergo a risk-free analysis with our proven “Asset & Error Discovery” method.
  3. Provide a Technology Assessment Report with recommendations for optimizing your cloud services and reduce costs.
  4. Ongoing monitoring and optimization.

What our clients are saying?

ScriptString’s approach provided an ideal balance of performance excellence with cost and risk mitigation, bringing new ideas to the table that were clearly explained and easy to communicate through the enterprise. We have been thrilled with their clear communication, collaborative approach, responsiveness and flexibility.”  

Duncan Clark, VP Strategy at SJC

Get in touch with ScriptString today for your risk-free AWS cloud optimization assessment.

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