Get usable data faster.

All of your data—ready to go, when and where you need it for analysis, integration, reporting and more.

We use a relationship based approach and dynamic modeling to progressively segment customer data at every interaction to produce a consistent flow of AI recommendations.

With ScriptString.AI, our clients turn customer data into actions to improve customer experience, accelerate innovation, and mitigate decisions risk.


Document, File & Data Flow

Intelligent Document Processing


Customer Data Hub

Actionable Insights


Accelerate Program Value Using Product & Behavioural Insights

Determine the right target and increase engagement by using AI behavioural segmentation. Invest in initiatives that generate impact with confidence.

People Analytics

Empower Your Digital Team with Metrics that Deliver Outcomes

Analyze member data and create cohorts dynamically using automated AI models. Measure user behavioral results to understand engagement and identify positive behavior changes with the most impact.

Data Management

Accelerate Innovation with Access to Employee & Product Data

Bring a common set of customer behaviour and engagement data to every team, from products, to marketing and beyond. The result: better decisions, faster actions and transformed experiences. Transform, enrich and unify data from multiple sources. 


Intelligent Document Processing

Everyday customer experiences includes sharing information in documents, enriching your data sets with key customer information from any document type, and machine learning & AI capabilities to extract all the data you need from any document you have, structured or unstructured.


Technology Integrations

Sources, enrichments, and destinations that matter to your business.

Getting started with ScriptString

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