Strategies for increased efficiency with a 360 view of technology

Sylvia Gedge
Sylvia Gedge

When is the last time you signed up for an application and did not tell your spouse? Whether you need an application for exercise or financial advice, a low monthly fee hooks you in.

The same phenomenon occupies organizations with the technology consumption shift towards user experience. Approval often bypasses IT, and technology expenses are scattered within departmental budgets.

The decentralized process creates a challenge of managing the organization’s technology spend and strategy. Here are a few tips your organization can do to streamline the IT spend:

  • Get an organizational-wide technology inventory in one place to know what you are spending money on.
  • Do a deep dive analysis of IT expenses and identify opportunities for savings. You can regularly find savings on spend in data, network, or cloud.
  • Centralize management of IT inventory usage and spend; data is key to uncover savings.
  • Optimize and scale technology based on user demand with DevOps.

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