Utility Data Management: Beat the Heat with our Limited Time Offer

As summer temperatures rise, managing utility bills becomes increasingly challenging for property owners. As the effects of climate change continue to intensify, the strain on our energy grids and water sources is becoming more evident, leading to frequent blackouts and rising costs.

The reality is that efficient utility management is no longer just a seasonal concern but a year-round necessity. At ScriptString, we are committed to helping property owners navigate these challenges with our AI-driven utility data management system. This innovative solution not only helps you track and optimize your energy, water, and waste usage but also ensures that your building operates sustainably and cost-effectively. With better data management practices, you can reduce environmental impacts and avoid the increasing costs of inefficient utility use.

At $99/property/month our AI-driven solution offers those working closest to a property a full view without breaking the bank. Better yet, be one of the first 5 to signup and get your implementation fee waved with our limited time offer! Discover exactly what’s included and learn how to get started before summer ends, keep reading to learn how you can beat the heat with smart savings today!

The Core of Our Offer

Saying goodbye to spreadsheets is easy with ScriptStrings AI-driven utility data management. Our solution will automate the full data extraction process to delivering you with configurable dashboards to make informed decisions for your utility management.

Unlike other solutions in which you are boxed into what data is shown, we are able to capture all of the data you need from consumption to financial data in order to deliver you with a full view of your property. Need to monitor and benchmark multiple properties? Not an issue with ScriptString. The ability to benchmark and understand the biggest problem areas across a full portfolio of properties has never been easier.

Key Feature

What exactly is included in the offer?

Data Extraction 

  • Digitize your energy, water, and waste bills 
  • AI models for automated extraction of relevant data points 
  • Quality data, all in one place, flexible, and ready to export 

Track & Analyze 

  • Configurable dashboards to visualize energy usage trends, cost breakdowns, and performance metrics for all stakeholders 
  • Automated GHG emissions calculations and dashboards 
  • Anomaly and duplicate detection with actionable user notifications 
  • Audit trail of all transactions 

Expanding the Value Beyond Savings

Maximize Efficiency

Our AI-driven utility data management solution identifies inefficiencies and problem areas across all utilities, including energy, water, and waste. It provides detailed insights and real-time data, enabling you to pinpoint where resources are being wasted and where improvements can be made. This comprehensive analysis helps you optimize usage, leading to significant savings. ScriptString empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance overall efficiency.

Effortless Reporting

Meeting stakeholder and regulatory requirements painless with our advanced reporting capabilities. Our system automatically generates detailed reports on your utility consumption, greenhouse gas emissions from utilities, and cost breakdowns. These reports are configurable, allowing you to present data that matters in a format that meets the specific needs of your stakeholders. With just a few clicks, you can compile and share comprehensive data that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and compliance. This not only simplifies the reporting process but also enhances transparency and accountability within your organization.

Enable Communication

Effective communication and collaboration are key to achieving your sustainability goals. Our utility data management solution facilitates collaboration with stakeholders through clear and actionable data insights. The configurable dashboards provide a centralized platform where you can set targets, monitor progress, and share updates with your team and stakeholders. Align everyone and ensure they are working towards common objectives, regardless of the department. By enabling seamless communication and fostering a collaborative environment, our system helps you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Get Started in One Week

1. Contact ScriptString to Start the Process 

Take the action today by contacting ScriptString to get started!

2. Meet With a Specialist to Determine the Scope 

In a short meeting we will walk you through the offering and gain more information about your needs. This includes determining the number of properties you would like to include, locations, additional features you may need, the length of the engagement, and more!

3. Contract and Payment 

Following our introductory call, a team member will send over the contract that fits your needs. 

4. Onboarding Call 

Finally, a team member will introduce you to the platform and set up your workspace for success. Our team will address any technical questions you have, from data points to dashboards, ensuring your specific requirements are met.

5. Continuous support

Following onboarding and the uploading of your bills you will be able to see the solution in action. Our team will be there to support you when necessary, dealing with any questions in a quick and responsive manner.

What our customers have to say about ScriptString.AI

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your utility management with ScriptString.AI. By signing up by August 31, you can take full advantage of our limited-time offer, ensuring your property operates efficiently and sustainably.

Join the growing number of property owners who are making smarter, more cost-effective choices for their utilities. Together, we can create a more sustainable future. Sign up now and secure your spot before this offer ends!


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